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About this project

Albion Stone is a family business that has been in the Portland Stone industry for nearly 100 years. They have switched from quarrying to mining and continue to improve on their environmental impact. Their mission is to produce beautiful high-quality stones that conform to the rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management standards.  Albion Stone wanted to update their existing website to reflect their position within the Portland Stone industry and showcase the quality and beauty of their stone. 

They engaged Livewire's web development team to work on the project and deliver the end result. Here's how we approached the brief and created an engaging, user-friendly, updated website.


The website brief and outcome

The focus of the Albion Stone website is to attract Architects, Interior Designers and Artists to the possibilities of their stones. This was done by redesigning 3 areas of the website. Starting with the Portland Stone page.

We created an in-depth portfolio consisting of individual links to each type of stone with an in-depth explanation of each item. They included high-quality images showcasing the beautiful stone in a sample format with an enquiry form for more information and to request samples. We moved all non-essential items to secondary pages to make the imagery of the stone a focal point for website visitors.

The 'Projects' page was repurposed to 'Our work' and redesigned with high-quality images in a portfolio layout. This included adding filters for different applications and project types. In addition, downloadable PDFs were replaced with individual pages for each project to improve the UX (user experience) and SEO (search engine optimisation).  All projects link back to the relevant stone pages to continue the flow of the user's journey through the website.

A key part of the user's journey through the website is navigating the technical manual. With so much information, our challenge as website developers was to make the information easily accessible without flooding the user with text. Our goal was to design a journey that reflects where the website visitor is on their journey. We broke the Albion Stone manual into digestible sections with an easily navigated sidebar introducing the different subsections. All sections of the sidebar are anchored to take users directly to the relevant text of the page without them having to scroll through pages of information.  We also implemented a search bar within the technical manual for a direct way for users to find the information they are looking for.

You can view the final Albion Stone website that was rolled out or view the pages below.

For more information about website design, contact the Livewire team.

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