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Founded in 1886, AFC Totton has always focused on enriching its local community. After talking to the club’s board and hearing their plans for growth on and off the pitch. It was clear to us that their digital presence did not reflect their ambition. Working in a community-based project that is close to us fits side by side with our strong environmental and ESG beliefs.


AFC Totton wanted to expand their connection within their community by providing easily accessible information to their fans. To do this we created new branding, a bespoke website, and designed a new social media strategy.

The result is a modern, easy to navigate, visually pleasing digital experience that conveys vital information effectively. A key feature we have added to the website is the automation of fixtures. Now more time has been freed up for personnel. The new website is built on our preferred platform, Concrete CMS. Which is designed for easy training. We find that customers who have capability and control over their products are happier, evidenced by the feeling of pride throughout the website as it is written and updated by Totton AFC. 

The social media strategy was built around creating short content that gives the fans the material they want directly with the option to ‘click’ through to the website for more information. The main aim of the social channels is to provide the correct information to the fans quickly and easily.

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