A great website design is not only tailored to your audience to drive engagement but also represents your brand, ethos, product and services in a digitally visual way.

After the initial planning and research stage, we look at creating a seamless, slick website that reflects your brand and is as functionally engaging as it can be for your audience.

Planning and Design Research

We always put into practice great planning when it comes to designing a website in order to ensure we’re not only meeting your expectations but also, creating a site that really helps you stand out.

Our initial research before design helps us to understand your needs as well as your customers, so we can come up with a design that really suits your business and brand.

Structure and Layout

As we start to design your website, we take into account any work we’ve done on customer or user experience (UX) audits, competitor analysis and your specific requirements as a business to start putting together a basic structure and layout of the site.

Some of our customers will already have some design ideas, and others don’t know where to begin. That’s why we work closely with you to develop a basic visual wireframe that gives you an idea of what your pages will look like in the first instance before we start building anything.

Your Website Design

Once we’ve agreed on a wireframe, we can then start to mock-up your design so you can see how it will look when it goes online.

We use Adobe Xd to provide you with an interactive mock-up for you to explore. At this stage, we can discuss any tweaks or changes before we go to build, so it’s a quicker turnaround and you have confidence you’re pleased with your site before we start the build.

What’s more, when we do build, it will all be on a development site, so you can test your website design thoroughly to ensure you’re happy before your site goes live.


Planning Design and Research



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