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WSI Group specialises in spray painting any object. They target both B2C and B2B markets so required a logo that balanced a professional image with not being too corporate that it would alienate B2C customers. At the request of the client the logo had to use a number of colours rather than being a single tone design and it had to be flexible for application across a number of arms of the business maintaining the brand, but also differentiating itself.


We proposed a number of solutions to the client that met their needs and met the needs of the end user which we discovered through in depth market research. We varied our designs to give the client a choice in their approach to the market. We utilised graduated colour across all of the designs to convey a friendly but professional tone and each design conveyed a slightly different message in it's composition by varying the use of geometric lines and organic, abstract flowing shapes. The final result yielded a significantly positive result for the client and was received very well by the target market.


I'd previously worked with Jellyfish Livewire on a number of projects across the years and every time they delivered successfully. So when it came to developing a new brand for my new business, it was a very simple choice on who I could trust - the team at Jellyfish Livewire. They got it spot on, first time, exactly as they always do. Recommend them? Yes, definitely.

Scott Ballentine - CEO, WSI Group

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